About Us

Hoffman and Associates started over 30 years ago in November of 1979. Mike Hoffman started his career managing a large firm with over sixty employees and multiple offices.

He gained vital knowledge and experience working for a large firm, but always felt that it was not the direction he wanted to go. The issue was in time spent with clients, it kept Company-history-1getting less and less. It seemed that the firm had grown to a size that it focus on the output, not on the relationship. This is what prompted Mr. Hoffman to take the entrepreneurial leap of faith and start his own account firm.


Mr. Hoffman’s goal was to build a business with the core values of trust, integrity, and friendship. That is exactly what he has


accomplished. Hoffman and Associates was born and took only five years to outgrow its office and move to 286 El Cajon Blvd and stayed there for 10 years and then to its current location for the past fifteen years.

They have grown from two employees to six and remain a tight family. But what is staggering is the thousands of clients they have helped over the years. Each client gets the time and care that a good friend would. This must be the reason why so many clients have been coming back for decades.